Izzo is a new 4-in-1 oral care system designed with convenience in mind. Its innovative design removes surface stains and soft plaque better than any whitening toothpaste available. Plus, it includes a convenient Subscribe & Save option. Whether you're a busy mom or a working professional, Izzo can help you achieve a beautiful smile.

Professional-Inspired Design  

Izzo is a revolutionary 4-in-1 at-home oral care system that integrates advanced technology to deliver deep clean, whiter teeth, and increased confidence. Its professional-inspired design offers a range of functions for the best overall oral health.

Izzo Coupon was developed by dental professionals to make maintaining a wellness routine simple and convenient. It includes daily and weekly cleaning products that make it easy for anyone to achieve and maintain a whiter smile. You must follow instructions to get the best results.

Bamboo Charcoal & Cornstarch

The izzo system includes an eco-friendly floss pick made of bamboo charcoal and cornstarch. The izzo kit also comes with a lifetime warranty. Izzo also offers a subscription program, which allows consumers to receive refills every two, three, or four months.

Oscillating Toothbrush

The Izzo oral care system features an oscillating toothbrush, polishing system, scaler, UVC sanitizer, and sample eco-friendly floss picks. The 4-in-1 oral care system helps remove soft plaque and stains and is 45% less abrasive than whitening toothpaste.

Home Whitening System

The Izzo system is a revolutionary at-home whitening system that uses a unique cleaning technology that removes surface stains and soft plaque more effectively than traditional whitening toothpastes. The system is made of medical grade polymer, which means that it applies less abrasion to teeth than traditional whitening toothpastes, and it features a scaler to get to even the tightest nooks and crannies.

ADA Seal of Approval

The ADA seal of approval is the gold standard for dental products. This seal of approval indicates that the brand has passed strict safety and efficacy requirements. You can trust the ADA seal of approval if you are looking for a whitening toothpaste with a fluoride formula and no flavoring agents. This is a good sign, as flavoring agents can damage enamel.

Cleaning Efficiency Index

The CEI, or Cleaning Efficiency Index, is a method for measuring how effectively a toothpaste cleans teeth. It considers the RDA, PCR, and whitening ability of a toothpaste. For example, toothpastes with a higher CEI score have more abrasive ingredients than toothpastes with a low CEI.

However, it is still important to note that while most whitening toothpastes are completely safe for daily use, overly abrasive formulas can cause enamel to wear away more quickly than toothpastes without them. Therefore, you should always consult with a dentist before using any whitening toothpaste for long periods of time. It's especially important to consult a dentist if you have any type of dental conditions, or have any area of your teeth that is sensitive.

Effective Whitening Solution

If you are looking for a more effective whitening solution, izzo is worth considering. Featuring a 4-in-1 oral care system, this innovative product uses advanced technology to deliver a deeper clean, brighter smile and increased confidence.

Dental Professionals

The Izzo at-home oral care system is designed by dental professionals to make oral wellness routines as simple as possible. This system makes it easy for you to maintain your daily oral care routine and create a brighter smile. As with any health regimen, use these products as directed. The system includes daily and weekly items that you can use to maintain the best possible oral health.

Good First Impression

With the Subscribe & Save option, you can conveniently receive refills every two, three, or four months. This option also gives active subscribers access to a lifetime warranty. Regular use of the Izzo products will keep your smile looking great and boosting your self-confidence. It also gives you better health overall. A white smile makes a good first impression!

The Izzo 4-in-1 Oral Care System is a revolutionary new at-home dental care system. Designed with input from dental professionals, it offers a deep clean and whiter smile. The system features four tools that mimic the tools dentists use to clean your teeth.

Comfortable Brushing Experience

The Izzo toothbrush rotates for a more comfortable brushing experience. It also has a timer and a scaler, which makes it easier to clean between teeth. The toothbrush also comes with a UV sanitizing case to help keep it clean and germ-free.

The Clean Case UV Sanitizer is an innovative portable sanitizing case for dental devices. It cleans your dental devices in 10 minutes using germicidal ultraviolet light. This powerful UV light kills 99.99% of bacteria, mold, and microorganisms.

Final Words:

The UV sanitizing case is portable and contains 6 UVC LEDs. It is easy to sanitize and uses a USB cable to charge. Moreover, the case protects your dental device from accidental damage.

The UV sanitizing case is a great addition to your at-home oral care routine. It helps you sanitize your device in between professional visits and is easy to carry with you. Its sleek matte black finish and reference guide ensure proper sanitization.